The lies we tell ourselves
can most dangerous be,

for what we do talk to ourselves

determine our course of actions

and hence our destiny.

Truth from lies

how one can know

is but only

just some mystery,

for if something we do

it becomes the truth

our new reality,

and that we don’t

as lies remains

buried within our brains.

So lets tell ourselves

those stories of truth

which we strive to achieve,

and those lies

which say we can’t

and us that do deceive

those stories let us

henceforth just

refuse to believe.




I looked in the mirror

And thus heard it say

‘who are you?’

I pondered over the question

Who am I?

Am I a gift of the past

Or a king of tomorrow,

Am I full of joy

Or lost in sorrow?

The mirror murmered

‘Neither are you a product of the past

Nor an image of the future;

What you are:

Is what you reflect in me

Rather than what you try

To project yourself to be.

You are not a happy moment,

Nor are you a thorn of agony,

You are a person

Not a mere emotion

– An Architect of your own destiny’


The winds of change,

Are blowing once again;

The winds that bring ill luck for some

and yet for the others some gain.

The winds that carry with them

violent stormy pain

But at the same time the clouds

that bring blissful rain.

The winds are not to blame – they just blow

Causing someone’s loss & someone’s gain.


This is the story

of a house

That is neither made of stone

Nor is it of bricks alone;

It is a house that lives

& Has a soul of its own;

A house of aspirations, desires and dreams

Of passions & feeling

& wounds & healing.

A house that faces stormy struggles

But forgets not to enjoy the cool breeze;

A house that bathes itself in the rain

& in the sun dries off again.

This very soul

& these very desires

Make this house a home.


The coolness of the night

Made the heart shiver

 & Relish the warm memories

Of a fine sunny day.

The scorching heat of the sun

Brought in lots of sweat

& with it fond memories of

a seemingly distant cool night’s breeze.

So strange, yet true

The mind searches warmth

In the shivers of the night;

The heart yearns for coolness

In the terrible heat of the day;

The human forget what is,

But remember what went away,

Its only that the human

were all made this way.


The dryness of the earth

Could no longer be tolerated by the sky

Thus, the friend that it was, it started to cry;

The rain poured down

Across the Earth’s dry frown,

The tears of the sky did fall as rain

Washing away the Earth’s pain.

What Gods were unable to do

Was done by the tears of a friend true.


As the day goes by

And the night grows,

Shining through the night

the moon gently glows,

Cooling the earth

the wind gently blows,

A thought comes to my mind,

I was the lucky one –

The one whom god chose

To show this beautiful sight,

To see the moon,

To feel the wind

And to flow away into the night


Humanity perished

Morals had a fall

Commodities progressed

Making progress stall.

People grew like swarming bees,

Gobbling up woods and cutting down trees.

Nature’s fightback had the earth shaking

Life became a casuality,

Relationships were breaking.

Across the barren lands

Silence swept,

Amidst the man-made destruction

Nature wept.

Heroes of the moment

In the darkness did show

That when the pain attacks

Human values begin to regrow.

Human tragedy brought everybody close

Praises were sung for the heroes who rose.

To honour martyrs – memoirs were given

The time wheel had for one more time spun

An era of reconstruction had again begun.

Immortal heroes gradually were buried,

All the good deeds had totally perished.

Humanity was never so much at its worst,

The balloon of evil had finally burst.

History again had to itself repeat

Nature saw it all – the man’s defeat.

Into the time wheel again, humanity was caught,

From the past nothing was learnt and nothing was taught.

Just spare a moment and give it a thought –

Into which vicious cycle the human is caught.

Somethings already lost and a lot is at stake,

Just a small effort and this cycle will break.


Emanating from a shining star

Managing to reach a place so far;

Not a guide to tip

The path of the long trip;

Stopping for no rest

Halting not for a mate

No moments lost on a silly wait;

Neither on a time early

Nor an instant too late;

Piercing its way through the dark cold gloom


Giving me my view, showing me my sight;

The enigmatic darkness it brought to light.

Annihilating itself, it vanquished the chill

For an everlasting moment of my warm thrill.


Feeling sleepy, dreamy was I

Or maybe

Sleeping and dreaming;

amidst shouting gadgets, idle silent machines

and an idiot box, that never switched off.

But then, the voice of God I heard;

Chirpingly, calling me was a bird;

Singing for me, the sweetest song

So melodiously wordless;

In a language I knew not

And yet the tune had my attention caught;

Some hidden message the bird had taught

– It meant something,

I knew not what.

I only knew –

It was something fresh and very new;

So very soothing and so very true.